Family wealth is more than just a numbers game.

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It’s about
your legacy.

And that legacy ought to be protected through all generations.

Regardless of
how your family tree grows!

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Hi, I’m Judy, and here’s some of the ways I serve my clients.

A couple met with me to discuss a retirement plan as the husband was recently retired. They were very worried about their money and did not know if they had enough to last their life time. We did a thorough Financial Review and the numbers worked for them for the next 30 years. After the meeting the wife was still losing sleep over her husband’s retirement. I asked if she would meet for lunch and I would show her exactly where they were. The next day I called her to see if she had everything she needed. She told me she had her first peaceful night of sleep in years.

A friend used a prominent New York investment firm. She began to question their recommendations and asked me for help. We discovered the firm was recommending many of their propriety funds which meant a high fee for them, but did not meet her investment objectives. Because Allgen acts as an Independent RIA, we could give her the independent analysis she desired.

Proud recipient of Charles Schwab Pacesetter IMPACT Award.

Pacesetter Impact Award