A great hour as Jim and Martha invite Judy Hulsey, an Allgen Financial Advisor, to speak from her heart about how she came to Christ and how she’s bringing her Faith to work! The trio dig deep into her journey, and you HAVE to hear how Judy’s trip to watch Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic play ball had a profound effect on her.

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Jim: You’ve tuned to the fastest 1 hour in Christian talk radio. In fact, you’ve tuned to a place where we’re fueling in spiritual revolution in workplaces across the country right here at Tampa Bay. Thanks for tuning in to the iWorkforHim this afternoon with hope that Martha and I are excited to have you on the air with us as we get a chance to dig deep with our guest today. Our hope and our prayer is always that something we say will cause you to dig deeper into your faith. Would cause, cause you to dig deeper into connecting with what you heard on Sunday. With what you do on your 9-5. Thanks for tuning in today and I just… that’s always our hope isn’t it Martha?

Martha: It is and you know that’s why we do it. We hope that… what we’ve either uncovered through a guest or a book or a scripture verse that we’d been reading and/or studyin’ um that somethin’ will be that thing that will encourage a listener to be able to say you know “What can I do differently in my workplace?” And…and that’s why we’re here.

Jim: You know here’s a question that people need to ask themselves. “How does your family history impact you?” “How does your personal story impact your kids? your grandkids and maybe your great grandkids?” “Have you ever thought about the impact that your actions today will have on those that follow you?“ Those that you may never ever even get to meet. Sometimes the past is tragic, but sometimes it’s amazing. But all the time, God is capable of redeeming the years. Today we have a guest on our show today. Her name is Judy Hulsey. She’s a wealth strategist for Allgen Financial Services out of Orlando, Florida but she’s got some really interesting historical facts about her. She grew up in the same place that Will Rogers grew up. Now some of you are going “Who’s Will Rogers?” You’ll have to look it up on the internet. But even further back in her ancestry, she has an ancestor that fought alongside George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Judy Hulsey welcome to iWorkforHim.

Judy: Good afternoon Jim.

Jim: We’re glad to have you on and both Martha and I are excited to have you on here. I know you didn’t get a chance to meet Martha yet when we were on the phone but she’s with us today as always on Fridays because..it..she just…it’s the end of the week we get to celebrate together being on the air. But I love having Martha on when I got a female guest because she always thinks that she’s gonna ask that I’m not gonna ask. And…and it comes up in a great conversation because she has a deeper connection with our audience. So… Judy, as we just dig deep let’s just jump right into it. How does the Lord impact your workplace at Allgen Financial today?

Judy: Jim, in my industry it’s all about integrity, and before I came to Allgen, I was working for a large financial institution and I just saw corporate America slip away from core values. And leaning 2007-2008 I saw the meltdown of the financial markets and afterwards, I just didn’t see any positive change. And, I had known the owner of Allgen for more than ten years. And I knew that his integrity would pass the test of time with me as far as how I want to handle my profession and my work.

Jim: *hmm* I love that. So you get support. You get support for living your faith out at work. I mean he allows you to live out who you are right there at your workplace.

Judy: Absolutely.Every day, all day.

Martha: That’s great and for Jim one of his core values is integrity so we can really relate to that. Not that I don’t believe in integrity *slightly gushes* but it just… but you know how it is.

Jim: That’s a whole another show isn’t it.

Martha: *laughing* definitely believe in integrity, and being able to do what you do everyday. Wake up everyday knowin’ that you could do it in a way that is honorin’ to the Lord. Judy, in your story you…you have an unusual one and there is a story that led you to Orlando…um…why don’t you tell our listeners about that.

Judy: Well, in maybe Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams said, “I gotta go see about a girl.” And that is what got me to Orlando. I had to go see about a boy. And…my heart ruled in and got me to Orlando.

Jim: Well. Okay, but let’s step back a few years and Judy what life event caused you to submit to Christ? Because this is all part of a movement. You grew up in the Midwest. You grew up in Oklahoma, you know getting moved in Orlando is a whole lotta different world. How did that all fit into you becoming a Christ follower?

Judy: Well, you know the fact that I am in Orlando itself is a miracle because…um…I’d love…I’d love through all this time I’m a very family oriented. But, what finally brought me and submitted me to Christ is that, you know I had a difficult childhood, and the Lord often used adversity to bring me closer to him but the event that brought me completely and thoroughly to my knees was the betrayal of my husband. And it’s like what Charles Dickens said in A Tale of Two Cities…”It’s the worst of times, it’s the best of times.” Because what looks like to be the worst of times ended up to be the best thing that ever happened because it’s what caused me to truly submit to the Father.

Jim: But you’ve been a church attender. You’d been…a…when you’re back in Oklahoma didn’t you go to church?

Judy: I did. I did. I say…I always belong to God. I was even born on a Sunday.

Martha: *laughing in the background*

Judy: And my mom made sure that my sisters and I went to church every Sunday.

Jim: But that didn’t make much of an impact?

Judy: It made little impact.

Martha: *Uhum* But you know what you said, I think we’re in truce for so many of us because in our human nature when things are going well, we don’t tend to rely on God, our Father, to help us and provide, and protect, and strengthen us. It’s when we’re in those moments of adversity when we realize it’s bigger than us and that we can’t fix it. Or that we are, just can’t handle the pressure alone. That’s when we rely on the Lord and we do draw closer to him.

Judy: I would say I grew up in a church, but I really grew up, without a doubt, I am into Pharisee like I could walk the walk and I could talk the talk until I was about 36 years old. But it was until in that crisis I believe that I was on my knees that I really started setting applying scriptures to my life.

Jim: *Humm*. And God often uses those times of adversity in our lives to first of all shape us into being, to take us from who we are to who we can use more effectively. But he often uses adversity to draw us to our knees because it seems that the only place we can go.

Judy: It’s my favorite place. It really is my favorite place.

Jim: Humm. So you, you moved to Orlando chasing after a boy, and uh, how did the Lord orchestrate you into getting into the financial services industry?

Judy: Well…uh..I…in Oklahoma, you can either be a school teacher, a nurse, a banker, or an oil and gas person. So, we don’t have a gas business in Oklahoma and I moved here and I thought…”What am I gonna do for a living?” They don’t even know what that is in Florida. And um..a large financial institution in Orlando, I looked that in a paper, back in the day when you look at a paper for a job, and there was a company that was looking for someone with the oil and gas experience. And it was just definitely a God-sighting because that’s why they hired me that how I got the job, started working in Orlando.

Jim: Well you know we don’t have a lot of gas and oil here in Orlando though, so you’re not…you’re not involved in the drilling business but…but..how did you ..did you have experience in oil and gas back in Oklahoma?

Judy: I did. I worked for…for a short time I worked for these large companies and mostly independent companies and I worked in deciding a talk with attorneys and their legal opinions all day long making sure that there were no legal problems before we paid out millions of dollars to…you know… individual landowners, or mineral lease owners, or some of the oil companies.

Jim: It’s fun to see how the Lord uses our past experiences and what I wanna do for the people is start connecting the dots to say…”Okay, Why is Judy Hulsey in iWorkforHim?” What is it about her story that is inspiring and other people want to hear. But I love…so when I dig into that story a little bit of how you…when you moved to Orlando, you didn’t get involved in the oil and gas industry but you got a job, that used your experience, and how did that lead you to Allgen?

Judy: Yeah. It’s interesting when I went to work for this large financial institution it wasn’t even 10% of my job but you know a lot of public attorney companies and certainly financial institution so they kind of operate on the basis of sear and more abreast more than anything and they had a bank in Fort Worth that they had hired to do their oil and gas, mineral interest and  so when they hired me they let them go so it’s really just 10% of my job but it has worked out wanting me for the next 23 years and it has been in the oil and gas department, was also in the trust department, and then I went to work on the institutional side where I work with accounts from 2 million to 300 million and then the last five years of that well I was in private wealth management and like I said because of the how I was seeing the integrities sweeping away and not rebounding after the big recession  in 2007 and 8, I wanted to find someplace that um would, would held up for the integrity issue and people talk about integrity all the time, but it’s living it and not just talking about it.

Jim: Before we get back to Judy though, Martha want to make sure I brought attention to if you were listening live broadcast or the full archive you would have heard a commercial from the JesusCares.com people and there they’ve been running a campaign in Tampa bay for about 3 months now

Martha: Yeah and it’s just amazing because we have them on the show early on when they were getting ready to launch their campaign

Jim: Right. Back in January

Martha: And basically, for somebody who doesn’t know what they do, they reach out thru commercial and um on mediums that we…

Jim: Commercial Radio, Commercial TV, Billboards

Martha: But not your typical, not on Christian radio and then TV in other places where people may not expect to learn about Jesus but people that are maybe watching or listening that’s something and really hurting and they really pinpoint things that people are really that can relate to they do kind of like a chat, chat room kind of atmosphere for some of their commercials or um hotlines some things like that that’s just really help people to say hey you know what I’m struggling or something too and I would like to talk to somebody.

Jim: And JesusCares.com has been going live in Tampa for 3 months now and over 400 people have put their faith and trust in Christ during this period of time and they’ve touched the lives of thousands, they’ve talked on thousands of people. Four hundred people had made a commitment to put be a Christ follower and have them then connected with the local church to grow in their faith so if ever you wanted to check out their ministry, check them online at JesusCares.com. Alright we’re back with Judy Halsey from Allgen Financial she’s a wealth strategist and we are hearing her story on how the Lord has impact on her as a businesswoman. Judy, just stepping back, so your time in Oklahoma you said prepared you for your job in Orlando in the banking industry. How did it do that?

Judy: Well it was critical thinking because of all the technical work I have done, it was really um teaching me critical thinking and that made a big difference and the biggest thing that I’ve got from my growing up was my work ethics that um you know where pioneer spirit and the greatest thing that my grandparents all ever taught me was that you know love a family and hard work and so that’s taken me a long way in my career.

Jim: So I love that and I mean it is in the Midwestern I mean certainly Oklahoma where it’s you know it’s cold and rainy and snowy in the winter time and really really hot in the summertime it’s not exactly a tropical oasis it’s a little rough.

Judy: “giggling”

Martha: “giggling”

Jim: How…You mentioned to me when we talk before the show that the Lord told you he wanted you to be a businesswoman. Why is that significant?

Judy: It’s significant for a couple of reasons the first one he told me when I was 55 years old, so that’s pretty big and second I never wanted to be in the business world. All I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother and I really fought God about that because I did not want that for my life but it was Him that was telling me this is my plan for you and you need to provide with me and submit and this is another submission from me you know Romans 12:2 is one of my favorite. By the transforming in my mind I know it’s the will of God. And He had to be into me. This is what I want from you and you’re gonna do it. ‘Coz He is the boss and He gets his way.

Martha: So why let me just ask this because there’s a lot of listeners that, that we have that are close to that age right now. You know 55 years old and why do you think that at that age when you, you know in, in reality had, had been able to you know do the things you were hoping to do. Why would you think he fought the businesswoman title so much?

Judy: Well because it wasn’t, it wasn’t what I envisioned for myself. And I really don’t envision for myself but you know um, my cousin will always tell you the first thing you’d know about Judy growing up is that she’s gonna be 18, get married and have five kids. Um you know working at outside the home was not of any interest to me at all.

Martha: Hmmm

Jim: Yeah, you, you have spent your entire life working outside the home?

Judy: That is the truth, that’s what you said.

Jim: Hmmm and when and those are the questions that I hope we get to ask God those questions later. We don’t know when we get to ask God those questions like why because then we might will just trust Him totally and we never ask why questions but sometimes you just want to know why.

Judy: I know why.

Jim: Ok then, why?

Judy: I know why. Well um because He needed ah He designed me to be a woman in the workforce then it’s a vocation and ah you know I’m the perfect person to pick. Born in the 50’s thinking I’m going to be a wife and a mother and um He called me out to be a work you know to be a warrior in a workplace, so I know why.

Jim: Well um when you say warrior in a workplace, you’re not just talking about really on fire worker you are talking about being a warrior for the Lord in the workplace.

Judy: Absolutely. Yeah, I’m a, I’m a warrior for Christ.

Jim: So you mentioned in your story, your short little story redeeming the years that your two of your four great grandmothers were business owners, now.

Judy: That’s correct.

Jim: That’s, that’s staggering. You know, you know when you look at the turn of the century you grandmothers were, you know where people around the turn of the century I mean…

Judy: Correct

Jim: For them to be business owners, that would have been crazy

Judy: Yeah correct. It’s, it’s mind boggling to me now because I can’t think about it growing up even as I was in my 30’s but um you know I, I got the call when I was 55 from the Lord that I have a lot of  health issues at the time and I, I, it’s been a lot of time resting that I have pictures of these two women that are businesswomen that are my family great grandma Hubbard and great grandma Hulsey and they stand over my bed and their pictures stand over my bed and I kept hearing them whisper rise up, rise up. I want you to pull from their strength. I want you to pass it on to others and I need you to rise up.

Jim: Now are these great women of faith well did you ever had a chance to meet your great mothers of yours?

Judy: I did not but they were great women of faith.

Jim: Hmmm. That’s fantastic really to know that and not many of us get to know that great grandmothers that’s I mean, that’s something today it’s more likely than it was. You know 50 or 60 years ago ‘coz people just didn’t live that long you know. You know, you said that a mentor of yours a few years back said that challenged you to take your faith to work. Did you really need to be told that to take your faith to work?

Judy: Unfortunately, yes. When she said it to me I didn’t know what she meant but the same time I felt very convicted because I had grown up as a Pharisee you know I knew how to act it. I did my thing on Sunday and put my mask on but on Monday I was not that person. And so I keep asking the Lord you know what, what is that look like? What is that mean to you? And about that same time I started doubting the bible, the fellowship,  the worship, you know I was doubting the patriarchs looking at…. (17:52) I was looking at my sister when you count on various trial and you know I stumbled upon um unwholesome words that you don’t know how to proceed from your mouth for that it took me about a decade.

Jim: Wow, that’s not too bad.

Martha: giggling

Jim: I’ve been working on that for fifty years.

Judy: You know, exactly.

Martha: That is, that is a great one actually. That is my life verse so I love that very much but um it reminded all the time. We, we need to not speak words that are good for edification in the moment to give grace to those who hears so but that is quite a challenge if you wanna take that verse to work boy, most all of us has some fixing to do I would guess.
Judy: Yes.

Jim: So you spent most of the years in your banking job ah, not connecting your faith in your work? Is that what was like and it wasn’t?

Judy: No. No I would say from 1990 on I was on fire for God at work.

Jim: Okay, what did that look like in the banking industry? That’s a pretty insane industry.

Judy: Yeah. We’ll you’ll be surprised how wild on the people I worked with. You know I, I never wanted to put bible on my desk but I, I was… (19:12) and I prayed endlessly for all of them and one day I got up from my desk and look I out and I just saw the Lord just opened my eyes like when He took the scales on Saul’s eyes and I saw built just harvest on me (19:21) and ah you know it was interesting what every eye anyone had a need it must often came to me and said did you had me this week (19:31) was with me and I would be speaking in word but I can sense that.

Martha: So I have a question I want to go back when your mentor um encourage you to take your faith to work, where you struggling with something she saw in your life or I’m assuming that she’s a she

Judy: Yeah. She’s she.

Martha: But that really challenge you a lot. Where did that come from? Was it something she just understood that you need?

Judy: Yeah I, I don’t know. We never had that conversation, but you know I’m, I’m sure she saw something… at the time. You know I was married and she was trying to help with my marriage and therefore I can honestly say that first four years I was married that I didn’t increment you know I was a Pharisee but I got it together and I know I became the woman um of wise God wanted me to be and I’m sure it was in that discussion that she saw that.

Martha: ‘Coz I just think that’s really key for our listeners to hear Jim is the fact that so many people we have on the air somebody spoke that into them. Somebody said, “Hey this is you being on Sunday but you’re not being that way on Monday and why is there a disconnect so I’m gonna challenge you to work with you and implement um the love of Christ in your workplace.

Jim: Judy, so, so let me, let me just ask you this question because it, when you know when we come back after the break we’re gonna talk about how you are a servant to the wealthy now that is your calling and, and this is what it looks like for your faith to be implemented your work today at AllGen, but going back to the banking industry, what did it look like? Give me some examples on what did it look like to bring your faith to work when you made that connection between faith and work, between what you’ve learned on Sunday but what you are doing between 9 to 5, well you’re a banker so you are 9 to 3, um so, sorry, that’s supposed to be funny. Thank you for the courtesy.

Martha: giggling

Judy: giggling

Jim: Ok, what did it look like for you in the banking industry, how did you bring your faith to work?

Judy: Well one thing I guess, I listen to people, you know. People are suffering and um, they didn’t have any way to listen to them and not past judgement and that was another big thing in my metamorphism (21:38) was you know knowing not___ (21:39) with the Lord but to not judge, I mean you know I’ve been embraced by my family the queen of judgement and couldn’t bear it and I had to really, really have to learn the process of not judging people because it was it aided (21:53) me. And I think they saw that they could be honest on what their lives looks like and I would just love ‘em. I wouldn’t criticize them.

Jim: What kind of opportunities did you have to go actually go deep and share with customers or coworkers about your faith, about you’re, what Jesus has done for you?

Judy: It was more on how I pray for the family whenever they are in difficult situation, you know, they knew that they can depend on me to pray for them. The other thing into thinking that I got to do that was really, really ______ during my banking years, I had lost a baby and the early 90’s and that one year anniversary to that day, I was at my first business trip in Key West in Florida. And I wasn’t a bit a traveler so I got there way early, and I stayed there way longer and I said Lord you got my undivided attention because it’s the day. And what is it that you’re going to be doing? What are you doing? And he said to me “I’m going to have you travel to many cities and I’m going to have you pray out for every one of those cities. I knew I heard Him but it didn’t make sense to me. Because I had a desk job and within 3 months, I got a promotion, and I traveled to over 60 different cities over the next 17 years and prayed over every one of those cities some of those multiple times.

Martha: Wow.

Jim: Hmmm. And that is why, why you are in the banking industry, correct?

Judy: Yes.

Jim: And then while you were in the banking industry, did you realized that you had a very specific calling to be a servant of the wealthy? Tell us about that calling.

Judy: So I only thought I was going to be feeding the homeless. That was you know, kind of my focus. Ah, it was during the first season that Shaquille O’Neal came to play basketball for the Orlando Magic that, that all turn. I was at the game, one of the games and I saw all these wealthy people around me and one of the poorest neighborhood in Orlando and my, truthfully my heart was broken then. And the Lord said I am sure you’re going to see the homeless which I know you like and which I know you can do. I want you to serve the wealthy in the city to help them see how they can help the poor.

Jim: This wasn’t necessarily an easy thing for you, either, ‘coz you, you mentioned to me as we talk about before the show that you grew up with a little bit of the prejudice against the wealthy. Where did that come from? What did that look like?

Judy: My, my dad was extremely wealthy and my mom grew up extremely poor. And so many, many of our beliefs system come from our parents certainly and my mother I spent more time with her than my dad ‘coz he worked. And so she just had this belief system of the prejudice against the wealthy and that you know it wasn’t even a warn (24:53) to them and so as I worked there overnight, I was working with their CEO, ah CFO. He was making 75,000 dollars a year. I like him a lot except her dad, their dad, their father and I thought the next day, their company went public from 75,000 dollars a year to make 15 million. And I had this conversation with the Lord and I said “Lord, can I like him? ‘Coz he’s now worth 15 million dollars because I don’t know if I could like him. And God just slowly starts chirping away my heart about “you know I’m gonna have you serve the very people you look anxious (25:31) again.

Martha: You know I really think it’s interesting because your perspective um almost seems opposite of a lot of people. A lot of people are afraid to serve the homeless but want to rub shoulders with the wealthy. So, you know, the very thing that most people would say “Oh that would be the desirable way”. For you it was a stretch and I think that’s what makes your testimony let’s say unique.

Judy: Well thank you, appreciate that.

Martha: Hum mm.

Jim: So, you, have the world move you from the banking industry to the financial industry as, as a wealth adviser for Allgen financial. How, how was the Lord using that new ministry, this new ministry with the Allgen to help you be a conduit for the wealthy, your ministering with the wealthy but, ministering them to be a conduit to the poor? I mean, how, how is this, how is this ministry all working?

Judy: Well, I was always, I was also adviser to the bank as well. So I just transitioned, so how I do that is the time. You know I when I self, I don’t want more than 75 clients because most clients will choose institutions to have 50 to 300 clients and when I, my practice is that 75 I can spend really quality time with my clients and their families and I, I wanted, you know money is just money. It has positive energy it has negative energy if you have it or if you don’t. And so with that value of time, I get to see what things their interest in helping come with real, with real value in their lives than just um besides just the money.

Jim: Huh! Yeah because money leaves people so empty and so I mean they are just searching, they are searching for some answers ‘coz money, money doesn’t, it’s neither morally good or morally bad it, it actually, no it is morally good ‘coz God, God created the finance but it can be such a twist for people for a lot of people think to buying stuff with the money and bring them happiness but it’s truly the giving away of money that brings happiness and joy. Now, when you move to the financial industry and I apologize for moving on, when you moved to the financial industry within the banking world to go into Allgen financial, what makes you choose Allgen? Because you could have gone anywhere with your expertise?

Judy: Well, I was, well I knew corporate America had lost their way and I was like oh I’m not you know publicly trading companies are just like I said 2007 and 8 was reason to that. You know the meltdown with financial markets and I did not see any positive change that come out of that as far when I walk around I, I can follow people I follow, you know I, I have insights with the Lord gives me, and I just like they are not doing anything more difference before the 2004, yeah the 2007 and 2008. And I was like, this is not the best interest in my client, this is not the best interest in me. I can’t, I can’t continue to run my practice like this. And as I mentioned in the beginning, I, I knew the owner of Allgen more than 10 years. You know it was a private company, but with strong values system but we use Charles Roberts as our back office so it’s kinda best of both worlds. And I was looking for someone that wasn’t just stockholders and you know the almighty dollar to protect themselves versus protecting their clients.

Jim: And that’s a huge thing. And I would agree with you that the financial services industry, the banking industry for sure, the mortgage industry for sure and it seems that they are back at the same thing before they were on the major crash before because of the run up of prices on housing and across the country I mean it’s like we’re repeating it all over again. We are about already to exceed prices roll back in 2005 or 6. You chose a company that like although you said that has a back office by Charles Schwab, (29:17), but Allgen just got some really incredible award, a Pay center award from Charles Schwab, what’s that all about?

Judy: Well ah, it was based on our client service on technology and our strategic planning, and you know all the credit for that goes to our owner Paul Roldan and Jason Martin

Jim: Well, hmm, congratulations to you guys on that, go ahead.

Judy: Thank you.

Martha: Well I just have a question, you’re talking about getting time to spend with your clients and, and helping them, are you giving them resources and teaching them about generosity or what is it that you’re doing that’s helping them to do really that pay it forward to the, to the poor?

Judy: Well, well the best thing I can say is I get to know, I get to know who’s around me. I get to know their children, and their grandchildren.

Martha: Ok.

Judy: And I’ll find out what interests they have and how they can make a significant difference.

Martha: Ok

Jim: And that’s really, you got, you got your own ministry, your unique ministry with those 25 families

Jim: You are like they’re own, yester help, opening them with your money. But you’re really a pastor to them. You really get the chance to, how often do you really get personal with these people and share your faith?

Judy: Well I, I do it the same way because I was so trained probably by the company about you know not just talk about your faith at work but, it works for me, it works for my personality anyway, so I still live by example, I live by my value system, I don’t talk about it. I wait for them to bring it up on what their needs are and see how I’m gonna minister to them, so it’s really um it’s the word of God, I hope they see the word of God in me.

 Jim: But you mention on me when we are on the phone before the show that that you’re really just hitting your stride in your faith in work and I think that when, when, sometimes especially since you, you are a person of significant interest of influence for 75 families, there is an opportunity. Did you ever had chance to pray with your client actually with them not just for them?

Judy: A few, yeah a few but still on process but one of the things I want go back to that you ask me about was your audience around women that defy that called 55 there’s something about I really wanted to bring up about that. When I started getting serious about my faith in my late 30’s, I really knew that I was not prepared for whatever God had me, had for me. And I thought I was gonna be like Joseph. Well Joseph has those 13 years of preparations in prison so I thought I’m gonna be like Joseph. I’m gonna have 13 years of preparation and then I’m gonna spring out of here wherever that would was. Whatever platform that maybe that God for me. But what I found out is, that He wanted me to be as Moses. He had preparations for me that requires 40 years and so that’s when I say I’m just hitting that now that I know that He used that,  it’s been hard work, it’s a lot of perseverance and um, I’m there.

Jim: We’ll then I think that a lot of Lords given you bigger platform that you probably didn’t realize at this point in time working because you kept your clientele so small 75 clients, you got an opportunity to really be personal significance really influence my lots of you to pray lots of opportunity 2017 to really share the hope that you have that’s in you because some of those people as you serve them they are looking for the answers that you’ve got and sometimes they won’t even know that you ask them sometimes you may have to prompt them to ask them. You, you mentioned to me that God how do you use your personal work to encourage in the workplace. How do you get the chance to come along side and, and encourage other women?

Judy: Well I, I get to do it one moment at a time. And wanted to do on Tuesday I am seeing such avoid of women in the workplace because we’re not an accidents, you know a friend thought me that this is not an you know you hold this, you’re not gonna be stuck on business this is my calling and women are not owning I know that Lean In by Cheryl Sundberg some people like it some people doesn’t I like that book she’s the president of the Facebook. But she talks about women 25 um 70 that really a lot has not changed and thought that what 50s from till now women making progress and place and women is called a business I wanted them to know that they are not an accident and you know God has given me dozens of opportunities to meet young women and start breathing light into them.

Martha: So what you’re saying is that you are encouraging them whether they are challenging them to continue to make a difference?

Judy: Absolutely and you know I’m just scratching the surface but it’s bigger than me. You it’s just gonna be Orlando or it’s gonna be city after city after that for me.

Jim: But it’s cool to see the Lord use you and its, sometimes we think I wish I was a bigger influence and the Lord says, “Hey, I’ve given you 75 a 100 a five those are the ones I want you to focus on and the Lord has been specific with you to serve the wealthy you’ve got 75 clients it’s really a cool opportunity that He trusted you with those families. Multiple generations with those families because 75 clients probably represents several hundred people doesn’t it?

Judy: Yes, yes, yes. And their influenced you know. Their influenced. I I want to empower them I get to see things that they can’t see yet

Jim: Right

Judy: And to get give them step by step from being part of that ministry one client I had she was already having a hard time her health is poor and I just she asked me when I was coming up she said what is your business and I like I don’t have any agenda at all and I knew she’s been very sick

Jim: Right, just learn to serve. But Judy before we go, I really that story but we really want to make sure we cover your short story redeeming years, Martha.

Martha: Well I would love for you to just give us a quick synopsis of the story that you wrote that’s called “Redeeming the Years” and how God really showed you how He was gonna use you.

Judy: Yeah, I wrote that article um, “Redeeming the Years of my lupus because when I first encountered the bible when I was in my 30’s that was one of my key scriptures in my 25’s and my life in my 20’s, my 30’s, and my 40’s all of my childhood was eaten by lupus. And I help on to that scripture there’s another one song that it says “ I would just been spared had I not known be the goodness of the Lord”, so for you know 6 decades, I held on to that scripture, waiting for, believing, hoping that they were true. And God just brought me out. And He just kept redeeming me and cleaning up me, cleaning me up, redeeming me, cleaning me up and you know showing me the truth of who I was versus the lies.

Jim: Hmmm. Judy as we close out the show, I really, I love the way you just shared that, the Lord always, He loves to look at the past, He loves to redeem the past, He loves to show us that there is future. He loves to be able to for us moved from the past our past and the Lord has taken you so far by utilizing your past and really just ah, showing you how to use your work experience of serving the wealthy. He’s, he’s given you so many gifts. You’ve made some observations as well about men and women in the workplace and we’re pretty significant you want to share it with me. What does the Lord reveal to you about men and women working on the workplace?

Judy: Well that was …Well God is still working on the process of work and selling men and women from the fall of Adam and Eve. And that has not been, that Christ has been working on women in a way that no one else had never had and I don’t think women in the workplace or in the church you know it’s still a very segregated community and um you know from a friend of mine said that most effective is when men and women work together not when we work in

Jim: And how have you seen the effect of men and women work together in ministry that ministry in work or business or in the church, how have you seen that ministry exponential when they work together?

Judy: Well, work together, spiritual gifts are divided between men and women, the great commission was not divided between men and women. So we are all operating in our spiritual gifts one water one plant one provides the … We are all working you know we need each other you know and we …are missing out and women has incredible insight with the Lord and when men long enough you’d know that.

Jim: Amen

Judy: Ok, if you listen, if you got it you could get it and take the opportunity. Your wife, your women has a wealth knowledge that God does not downloads the men but He downloads the women

Jim: I think the women hear the Lord better, they really do.

Judy: I wouldn’t disagree with you on that

*Giggling Judy, Martha and Jim.

Jim: Judy how would you like to see the Lord in you in the next ten years how would you, what’s the dream that you got on your heart or use you and then the next ten years?

Judy: Well the gifts He’s given me I, was a businesswoman that thoughts on Tuesday she was on her early 50’s and I don’t see what God had done yet with women in business for their kingdom and so I see me being a Deborah, Deborah from Judges 4 form an army and I see myself as a Deborah, I see me bringing the women to a greater place the workplace for the kingdom of God and from there I’m going to other city.

Jim: Hmmm I love that investing lives on the next generation, let them all know, all of our generations to know that there’s so much out there in men and women to be working together and you’re right, women do hear the voice of the Lord way better than men, I realize forever for men to learn that but it’s, it’s incredible. Judy Hulsey, thank you so much for joining us from I Work 4 Him for sharing your story, we are so very grateful.

Judy: Your welcome, it’s a joy.

Martha: Thank you.

Jim: You can find a lot for more about Judy on AllgenFinancial.com, AllgenFinancial.com just look up for Judy Hulsey, HULSEY. Martha that was a great conversation. It’s a lot of fun hearing Judy’s story, hearing a little bit about her history, tracing back about an old woman it’s always fun and encouraging.

Martha: It is, and to hear what she’s doing in her everyday and making an impact for the kingdom it’s encouraging hopefully our listeners get encourage be encourage by that to do that by themselves.

Jim: And being touching the lives of your customers you’ll be given those customers presenting the ministry. Do you look at your customer as your ministry like Judy, what she did. You can find more about Judy online. You’ve been listening on I work 4 Him this is Jim with Martha for Christ followers our workplace is our mission field ultimately I work 4 Him.

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