Judy’s Story—Wealth Ought to Be a Lasting Blessing

Grandma Hubbard and My Sister Cynthia

Judy Hulsey, Wealth Advisor with Allgen Financial

I could tell you about my nearly 30 years of experience in the financial industry assisting high net worth clients to maximize their portfolios. However, it is my personal story that motivates me to serve my clients. Coming from a family heritage where I saw the family wealth made and lost, I want to ensure my clients are positioned to grow and protect their assets so they can pass forward the value of wealth to future generations.

In the context of generational wealth, I think about the generations of the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In their family history, we see wealth passed down, but also family dysfunction. For example, God promised Abraham that he would be “blessed to be a blessing.” Indeed, he was, but Abraham and his descendants were not perfect! Abraham lied about his wife being his sister. His son, Isaac, showed favoritism toward Joseph, and grandson, Jacob, deceived his father. These examples may indicate that while wealth can be inherited, wisdom may not be. Likewise, financial wisdom was not passed on to the generations following my Great-Grandma Hubbard.

Grandma Hubbard was a true matriarch. Around the time Oklahoma was becoming a state, she began building her wealth one piece of property at a time. Known for her keen business acumen, after accumulating vast land holdings, she eventually came to own the General Store and became part owner of the bank in her town. Even on the day of her death at age 82, she was out measuring land to buy! Unfortunately, with her passing, her wealth soon passed, too.

Grandma’s estate was large enough to last a lifetime for my grandfather and dad. But just 10 years later, her money was gone. I wish her wisdom had passed on to them, but it did not. Our family’s pain came not only from the loss of the money, but the circumstances and personal failures that accompanied it. As a young girl, conversations over the worry of money were a constant theme in our home. Each sale of property to pay for my father’s debts, chipped away at my soul.

Fortunately, God took that painful experience and turned it into passion for my vocation. Out of my personal story, I caught a vision for how things could have been instead of how they were. God redeemed my life and family history preparing me to help families avoid the financial mistakes my family made. Now, I bring the benefit of both my personal and professional experience to you. Having a lifetime of experience with money matters through blessings and dysfunction have made it of utmost importance that I develop expertise to serve you in your financial decisions. From my unique perspective, I can provide you with sound advice to avoid the common pitfalls that you may not see or are afraid to address. Through wise investing and planning, we can improve the possibilities of sustaining generational wealth so your wealth and wisdom can endure for future generations.

Let me know how I may serve you,